What is OPTAVIA Premier?
OPTAVIA Premier is an auto-ship program that ships each month, so your progress will never be interrupted or delayed...
How do I qualify for free meals?
Receive a total of five 5 free boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings with any of the following purchases: Purchase any 15 - 19 individual boxes of Essential, Select or Classic Fuelings and receive 1 week free (i.e., 5 free boxes of your choice of Essential,...
How to Manage Premier Items
To manage the items in your OPTAVIA Premier template, please complete the steps below. * To edit your Premier order, start from your My Account page. Step-by-step Instructions: Scroll down to your “My OPTAVIA Premier” box and click...
How to Manage Premier Date
To manage your OPTAVIA Premier process date, please complete the steps below. Steps will include options to change Premier process date via the OPTAVIA App or OPTAVIA.com.
How to Process a Premier Order Now
To process your OPTA VIA Premier order now, please complete the steps below. *To process your Premier order, start from your My Account page. Instructions: Step 1:   Click the My  OPTAVIA  Premier  option from the l...
How to Cancel a Premier Membership
Are you sure you want to cancel your Premier order? Cancelling your OPTAVIA Premier order will result in a loss of your Shipping Benefits, Rewards, and Exclusive Offers. This will cancel your Premier membership but it will NOT cancel your current order.
How to Reinstate a Cancelled Premier Membership
The following steps can be taken for any Premier membership that has been cancelled within 60 days from when a Client is hoping to reinstate the membership. For Premier memberships that were cancelled more than 60 days ago, simply create a new Premier order.