What are the Habits of Health?

The Habits of Health® (also known as MacroHabits) are the key building blocks of Optimal Health. The Habits of Health provide an integrative framework for developing and maintaining healthy habits each day. These habits make health the centerpiece of your life instead of something you do when you discover you have an illness or imbalance. They are essential to achieving Optimal Health and Wellbeing. The six key habits of health are as follows:

  • Habits of Healthy Weight Management
  • Habits of Healthy Eating and Hydration
  • Habits of Healthy Motion
  • Habits of Healthy Sleep
  • Habits of a Healthy Mind
  • Habits of Healthy Surroundings

Learn more about the Habits of Health and how to integrate them into your life by talking to your independent OPTAVIA Coach and referring to Dr. A’s Habits of Health Transformational System.