Video Series: Your LifeBook: The Elements

Move forward by creating the story you’ve always wanted.

Start or continue your journey to optimal health and wellbeing by watching this sequential video series, featuring Your LifeBook – Elements 01-26. 

This series will allows you, an OPTAVIA Client, to define how each Element plays a distinct role in your journey to Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time®.

Begin writing your story with Element 01. Then grow and sustain your momentum by studying each Element after to become a healthier version of YOU!

Your LifeBook Playlist: Elements 01-26 

Learn more about each Element, in order, by using this Playlist.

Your LifeBook: Element Quicklinks

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Your LifeBook: An Introduction

Being Clear Why Your Are Here

Knowing What You Want To Accomplish

How Do You Create What You Want?

Building A Healthy Mindset

Optimizing Your Surroundings

Your Path To A Healthy Weight

Creating A New Leptogenic World

Learning To Eat Every Three Hours

How Do You Use Fuelings To Reach A Healthy Weight?

The Key Role Of Hydration In Reaching A Healthy Weight

How Do Eat Healthy Beyond Fuelings?

Optimizing Your Success In Reaching A Healthy Weight

Tracking Your Journey To A Healthy Weight And Beyond

Transitioning To Eating Healthy For Life

How To Eat Healthy For Life

Dealing With Addictive Food

How Do You Become A Perpetual Motion Machine?

Exercise Is Your Gift To Yourself

How Do You Create Healthy Sleep And Unlimited Energy?

Maximizing Your Anti-Inflammation Protection

Do You Need To Supplement?

Creating Optimal Wellbeing

Master Your Thoughts And Emotions

Your Journey To Higher Consciousness

Habits Of Longevity