Should I exercise while on the OPTAVIA Program?

Note: This information does not in any way constitute medical advice, and an attempt to diagnose a medical condition or a substitute for medical treatment. OPTAVIA recommends that you contact your healthcare provider before starting and throughout your weight loss journey.

Incorporating regular exercise as part of your Lifelong Transformation can significantly increase your chance of achieving long-term results. Exercise can play an important role during weight loss and for preventing weight regain. Plus, it can help prevent many chronic diseases and improve your overall mood.

This information is intended to be a general guide for those looking to engage in the Habit of Healthy Motion. Remember, fitness levels and calories needed to support daily exercise vary from individual to individual. You should consult with your healthcare provider before starting any weight loss program, change in eating habits, diet, exercise, or supplementation program. 

Getting Started

Before you begin exercising, consult with your healthcare provider to make sure your exercise plan is appropriate for you, and stay in regular contact with your independent OPTAVIA Coach so they can support you on your journey. Review each of the following resources for additional guidance on the Habit of Healthy Motion:  

When you’re ready to begin, start slowly, and gradually increase the time and intensity of your workouts. Remember, whether you’re new to exercise or a long-time exerciser, listen to your body and only do what it allows. If you feel light-headed or faint at any time, stop immediately, rest, and seek medical assistance if necessary.

Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® Only

If you do not currently exercise and are just starting the OPTAVIA Program, we recommend you wait three weeks before you begin, then adopt a slow pace and gradually increase the amount of time spent on the activity. If you are currently exercising and just starting the OPTAVIA Program, we recommend you cut your current regimen in half during the first three weeks, then gradually build it back up. For the entire time, you are on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan, we recommend up to 45 minutes of light to moderate physical activity per day. For those who wish to exercise more than 45 minutes per day, one of our higher calorie meal plans, such as the Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan®, may be more appropriate. Talk to your independent OPTAVIA Coach for more information.

As you begin the Habit of Healthy Motion, consider working with a certified personal trainer for personalized instruction. Your OPTAVIA Coach can also provide general guidance and support. And remember, we’re here too. You may contact our Nutrition Support Team at with questions.