How to Create a On-Demand Order

To create an on-demand order for a Client, please complete the steps below. *To enroll in OPTAVIA Premier, simply select the Automatic Meal Delivery option when completing the Purchase & Shipping section during checkout. Visit the article What is OPTAVIA Premier to learn more about OPTAVIA Premier.


Step 1: Begin by logging into your account with your username and password.

Step 2: Hover over Shop at the top of the screen and select Choose your Fuelings.

My Account page demonstrating selecting

Step 3: Use the left side of the window to select a meal category, and options within that category will display in the middle of the window. You can click the Expand Description to see a description of each item if needed.

Inset window allowing Clients to search for and select Fuelings. This step highlights how to select a meal category and expand the description below each item.

Step 4: To the left of the item name is an option to choose whether you would like a box or a case of an item. It is set to Box by default. Use the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust the quantity, and use the Select button to add an option to the summary displayed on the right.

Inset window allowing Clients to search for and select Fuelings. This window highlights how to select either a box or case, modify the quantity, and select an item.

Step 5: After you are done selecting your items, click the Add Items to cart button to add the items to your cart.

Right-hand panel of the same inset window highlighting the

Step 6: The next page will show an order summary on the right-hand side of the screen. You can click the red X beside an item to remove it from your order or use the QTY column to adjust how many boxes of an item you need. 

*You can also use the Continue Shopping button to add additional items to your order if needed.

Order Summary page highlighting the red

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with your order, click Checkout to proceed to the payment screen.

Step 8: Enter the required shipping address info, and click Next to continue.

Address details page highlighting the street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number fields.

Step 9: The next screen shows your delivery method. After you choose from the available options, click Next to continue.

Delivery Method page that displays options for Clients to select.

Step 10: On the next screen, enter your payment info at the top of the page. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, enter that address in the fields below. 

Payment Details highlighting card type, name, card and verification number, and expiration fields. Billing Details highlighting how to use shipping address.

*If the billing address and the shipping address are the same, check the Use my Delivery Address box to auto-fill those fields with the delivery address you previously entered. Click Next when all info has been entered.

Step 11: The last page allows you to review both your order and the address and payment info you entered. Use the Edit links to make any needed changes. When everything looks correct, click the Submit Order button to submit your order.

Final Review page highlighting how to edit the delivery address, delivery options, or payment details.

*After your order has been submitted, a confirmation number will display. You will also receive an email with both the confirmation number as well as the details of your order.